9 Months with Christ in the Womb

March 26, 2018

Apr 22—Week 5

Things are picking up! Jesus is rapidly developing a nervous system. Beginnings of a digestive system and respiratory system are in place, and he even has small buds where his arms and legs will grow. Jesus of the womb, Hear our prayers!

April 15—Week 4

The placenta which connects Jesus to his mother is now fully formed, but what is far more exciting is that his Sacred Heart, so full of love for humanity, is beginning to develop. Jesus of the womb, Hear our prayers!

Apr 8—Week 3

Jesus is now two circular rows of cells which contain all the nutrients he will need until the placenta forms. Jesus of the womb, Hear our prayers!

Apr 1—Week 2

Though Mary does not yet feel our savior inside her, he is growing rapidly! One single divine cell becomes two, then four, and eight. Jesus, looking like a tiny ball, implants himself in Mary’s uterus this week. Through this bond, she will provide for all his needs. Jesus of the womb, Hear our prayers!

Mar25—Week 1

This is the week that Jesus came into existence as a human being. Through a biological mystery that no earthly person will ever fully understand, the power of the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and caused her to conceive. How fortunate we all are that she said yes. Jesus in the womb, Hear our prayers!