The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

St. Thomas More Cathedral School Opens Design Lab with Cutting Edge Tech Resources

November 21, 2019

Arlington, VA — St. Thomas More Cathedral School is pleased to announce the official opening of the St. Thomas More Cathedral School’s Design Lab for students in PreK to 8th grade. This dedicated facility will provide a centralized location for innovative technology where students and faculty can collaborate on STEM projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. This new learning environment provides multiple opportunities for students to expand their critical thinking skills in team settings where students gather and work together on rich, open-ended tasks.

Students visit the Design Lab several times each month for instruction by Mrs. Stocker, Technology & Engineering Coordinator at STM. “Students expand their critical thinking skills when they gather and work together on rich, open-ended tasks,” Mrs. Stocker explained. “Classroom teachers have the ability to reserve the space for their students to work on projects.” Cathy Davis, principal of STM, believes in challenging students to think critically and said, “we are preparing them for a future where technology is integrated in every part of their world.” She shared, “the Design Lab format fosters creativity between teachers, grade levels and multi-level learning groups that are not otherwise possible in the single classroom setting. We can truly differentiate learning when we embrace technology in education.”

The Design Lab houses a multitude of technology equipment, including the following:
Robotics – Lego WeDo 2.0, Ozobots, LittleBits
Arduinos – computer components to build and practice programming skills
Coding activities – Code Hopper, Robot Turtles, Coding Robot Mouse, Arduino kits, Makey Makey, Ozobots, Osmo Genius with experiential materials, web-based platforms such as Scratch and Scratch, Jr.
Jellybot 3D Printers and supplies
STEM activity kits
Makerspace supplies

Also new for 2019-20 — 1:1 mobile device ratio for all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Other STEM modalities in use include: FOSS Science, EveryDay Mathematics, Google Classroom; SeeSaw; Class Dojo; TinkerCad; Reading A-Z; Prodigy; Khan Academy; Scratch & Scratch Jr.; Google Applied Digital Skills; and CS First Robotics.

About St. Thomas More Cathedral School:
St. Thomas More Cathedral School serves students in PreKindergarten through 8th grade in the Diocese of Arlington, just outside our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. Our Mission is to nurture and develop the spiritual, academic, social and emotional promise of each child in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church, rooted in Gospel values and led by the examples of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. St. Thomas More is recognized as a high-performing U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School since 2006.