The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

Congratulations to our STM School Science Fair First Place Winners

February 10, 2020

Jackson Carnemark: “Does the Flexibility of a Hockey Stick Affect the Speed of a Shot?” * Hope Dickson: “Which Ingredients are Necessary in a Cake?” * Betel Fekru: “Does Music Affect Memory, and Do Different Genres Change Results * Jack Fojut: “Comparing the Overpopulation of Guppies with the Overpopulation of Humans” * Madison Le: “How Tsunamis are Formed, and How to Prevent Them” * Shibani Mukherji: “How Light Pollution Changes the Number of Stars Visible * John Reynolds: “Experimenting with Different Rocket Designs” * Samuel Strong: “How Do Plants Grow in Different Conditions?”