The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Mass Reservations

November 3, 2020

Thank you for your interest in attending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Mass at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More. Due to COVID restrictions, we are limited to 300 persons in the Cathedral for Mass.  Please reserve a seat for each member of your family so our total participants will not exceed our capacity.

Please respect these guidelines

Masks are required of all Mass attendees over the age of 10. Masks are encouraged for children ages 2 – 9 years. If you do not have a mask, they are available behind the altar or ask an usher for assistance.
Feel free to bring along a travel-size container of hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
Maintain social distancing protocols of 6-ft separation entering, sitting and exiting the church.
Entrance for Mass will be from the front doors of the Cathedral.

Upon entering the Cathedral

Seating is limited to ensure proper social distancing (6-ft apart in all directions). Families and those living in the same household can sit together. No more than 8 people in a row.
Music sheets are available at the entrance.
Ushers will be present to assist in seating.

During Mass

Before coming up for Communion, please sanitize your hands; and lower your mask after receiving the Eucharist. We encourage you to receive the Eucharist in your hands rather than on the tongue. We understand that this is a very personal decision, and do not make this request lightly.
Maintain social distancing protocols of 6-ft separation, even when the time to come forward to receive Holy Communion.

After Mass

When Mass is over, please maintain social distancing as you exit the building. Ushers will direct everyone as to how and when to exit.
Please discard music sheets in trash receptacles after Mass.

Link to Reserve a Seat(s) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Mass