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More from More – Parshioner Assistance

The Cathedral of St. Thomas More believes that every parish member deserves access to basic needs to get you and/or your family through this trying time.  From dinner for four, personal hygiene items to cleaning supplies, if you’re a family in need, we’ve got you covered.  Please call  or text 571-281-8580 or email to request assistance.  Our goal is to provide stability and help resolve emergencies so you can get back on your feet.  Assistance is provided by Cathedral of St. Thomas More parishioners and is short-term and based on availability.


If you need rental assistance, parishioners should please email or call  or text 571-281-8580 and include the following information:

  • total rent owed
  • name of the landlord, address, and telephone number.

All rent requests will be reviewed, however, we cannot promise that they will be fulfilled.   Checks will be written directly to the leasing agency.