The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:


My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We are about to experience an Easter unlike any in our memory.  Separated and confined to no more than 10 persons at a time, our gatherings mimic the Upper Room where the disciples met. Unlike them, we know what awaits us on Sunday.

Though we are uncertain as to the total effect COVID-19 will have on our institutions, communities and families, what we are certain of is:

We remain committed to your spiritual, pastoral and educational experience. 
We cannot maintain, nor hope to expand upon, these commitments 
without your financial support

On April 14 we are hosting a special day of stewardship in support of our parish and the many ministries which bring Christ into the lives of countless people.

Our Easter collection is, by far, the most important component to the fiscal health of our parish. The Cathedral’s closure to public Masses is putting increasing pressure on our limited resources.  I ask you then, during this season of rebirth, to support us as you are able.

  • Make your gift online at  Our parish number is VA326.
  • Mail your gift to 3901 Cathedral Lane, Arlington, VA 2220
  • Text your gift 703-382-5722.

Please consider sharing our Stewardship Day with friends and loved ones.

We are one family of faith; committed to providing spiritual formation, academic excellence and Christian fellowship.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Very Rev. Patrick L. Posey, V.F., Rector
Mrs. Catherine Adams Davis, Principal
Ms. Maria Paniagua, Religious Education Coordinator