The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

STM Capital Campaign

A Message From the Rector

We have outlined a plan to start building for the next 75 years of our parish in the Empowering God’s Servants for Today and Tomorrow capital campaign. With your support, this plan comes alive and revitalizes our parish; without your support, it is nothing more than a piece of paper.

As God has blessed us each with different talents, we recognize that not everyone can support this campaign in an equal amount. The key to success for this campaign is the same that has made the Cathedral of St. Thomas More a successful parish. Coming together as a community and each sharing that which God has given us. Empowering God’s Servants will works only if we all come together.

God has blessed our parish over the past 75 years and we must strive to fulfill His plan for the next 75 years.

Sincerely Yours in the Heart of Christ,

Reverend Robert J. Rippy

Let’s Empower God’s Servants Together

The Empowering God’s Servants initiative is all about how the Cathedral of St. Thomas More can work together as one body in Christ’s name to truly change lives for the better. Whether it’s bringing just one more person back into the flock, helping one more child get a Catholic education or keeping our important parish programs running smoothly, everyone needs to do something to help change lives.

Empowering God’s Servants is a parish wide initiative to build a stronger future for the Cathedral of St. Thomas More by:

  • Renovating the Cathedral
  • Building a new Cathedral Center
  • Creating a Media Center in the School
  • Purchasing New Organ Console
  • Establishing a Rainy Day fund

These projects are needed to support the programs that are vital for the Parish to serve our faith community for this generation and the next.