The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

List of Food for One Week for a Family of Four

Below is a list of food items to feed a family of four for a week. Shopping List for a Family of Four for a Week

From the shelves

1 can baked beans

1 can kidney beans

2 cans other beans

3 cans tuna

1 can fish or fish soup

1 package of pancake, muffin or cornbread mix

1 container oil

2 lbs flour (meseca when requested)

2 lbs sugar

1 bottle syrup

1 box of jello or pudding

1 container of detergent

1 roll of toilet paper

8 cans of soup

1 package of crackers

2 packages of macaroni and cheese

1 package of dried beans

1 package of rice

2 cans of pasta type meals

1 can/jar of spaghetti sauce

1 package of macaroni

1 jar peanut butter

1 jar of jelly or jam

8 cans of vegetables (green beans, peas, corn, potatoes)

1 pie filling or cake mix

2 cans of fruit

1 package of dried milk (fresh if possible)


From refrigerator section

1 dozen eggs

1 package cheese

1 bag of potatoes,

1 bag of onions

1 bag of carrots

2 loaves of bread

1 package hamburger

1 package of hotdogs

1 gallon of milk


Ffrom the Freezer Section

1 can of frozen juice