The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

Diocesan Child Protection Guidelines

The Office of Child Protection and Safety for the Diocese of Arlington provides programs to ensure a safe environment for Children within the Community of the Church.

Diocesan Policy requires that all Adult Personnel be fully compliant with the requirements of the Office for the Protection of Children/Young People (OPCYP) before beginning work or youth related ministry. “Personnel” includes every priest, deacon, religious sister or brother, seminarian and adult employee of the Diocese (regardless of the individual’s contact with children), in addition to all volunteers with substantial contact with children.

For the utmost protection of children, individuals who have not been cleared by OPCYP may not conduct any diocesan work or volunteer-related activities until they are fully compliant.  For more information, please read this memo.

All Volunteers (with substantial contact with children) must complete the following requirements before beginning any volunteer-related activities. All forms are located at

Please contact Mrs. Mimi Neubauer with any questions regarding paperwork at 703-528-6781 or by email.