The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

Volunteers Needed

Our Religious Education Program relies on our dedicated volunteers who serve as Catechists and Aides in our weekly classes.

We are currently taking volunteers for the 2021-2022 School Year:

Catechists: Teach and hand on the Catholic Faith during the Classroom Sessions.

  • All catechist positions will be supported with resources and training from the Religious Education staff.

Aides: Assists the Catechist with attendance, classroom activities, homework, prayers, and student discipline.

High School Aides:   High School students who help with our classes by helping with classroom activities, helping prepare the classroom, and supporting the catechist in teaching the lessons.

Program Helpers:  Program helpers are high schoolers or adults who support the program by monitoring the doors, escorting late-arriving children to class, patrolling the hallways during class for safety, and serving in any non-teaching capacity.

 Prayer Aides:  High schoolers or adults who support our catechists by coming at least twice a month to quiz students on their required prayers.

Substitutes: Volunteers who are willing to be called on an as needed basis to serve as a catechist or Aide.