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Bulletin Submissions

The bulletin deadline is 3:00pm on Wednesdays, 11 days before the Sunday of publication (i.e. if the bulletin is February 26, deadline is February 16). Sending notices even earlier is better. With the number of new requests, upcoming bulletins are often full before the Wednesday deadline since bulletin layouts are often created up to two weeks ahead.

We ask that you limit flyers to horizontal vs. vertical 1/3, 1/2, or 1/4-page instead of a full page which limits the amount of other parish news we can insert and is harder to resize.

The content and layout of the notices in the bulletin is at the discretion of the parish and notices may be shortened due to space. Artwork and flyers may be attached to the form below.

You can also have multiple announcements that may be submitted as a single Word document with the dates for each announcement clearly stated. Social media posts will also be created when possible.

Below are upcoming early deadlines for bulletin submissions.

Do you need more assistance, or do you have questions? Contact us at 703-525-1300 or