The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More News:

Volunteering at STMFCU

The St. Thomas More Federal Credit Union is staffed by dedicated volunteers who are interested in the financial well-being of the Credit Union. The Credit Union needs qualified people to act as a Sunday teller serving our members who deposit/withdraw money, make loan payments, or begin new loans. Additionally, the Credit Union needs qualified individuals to serve as our Loan Officer or on our Loan Committee, a person responsible for performing background credit checks and evaluation of potential loan applicants.

TELLER POSITION(S): Openings are available. The commitment is usually one Sunday a month from 10:30 AM – 12:45 PM. Training on our computer system will be given and monitored for several months before the person can fulfill the position. The more tellers we have, the less the time commitment.

LOAN OFFICER POSITION(S): Openings are available. The Credit Union receives between 10-20 loan applications per year. This person is responsible for electronically contacting our Credit Bureau affiliate to gather information related to a loan applicant; and then performing a risk analysis to determine the capability of the applicant to repay any loan. A financial background is helpful, but not required. A person of high integrity is a must. The commitment varies between 2-3 hours per loan applicant.

Please contact our President for more information: Bill Wester at STMFCU, 703-521-2841.